Group buy on HALON fire extinguisher

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Apr 25, 2005
Austin, TX
I've been looking around a while for an extinguisher for the LC and this is what I came up with. Yes, I said Halon, not Halotron. Halotron is an earth-friendly alternative to Halon, but does not perform as well. The manufacture of Halon was halted in 1994 due to its ozone depleting effects, so what's out there is all there is. Here are a couple of links to study up...

So this is what I've got... a new-in-box 2.5lb Amerex chrome (or red) fire extinguisher with heavy-duty vehicle bracket for $139 w/ free shipping ($119 for red). These typically sell for $169+, so this is a pretty good deal although spendy. My "source" has already placed an order with Amerex and should have extinguishers in stock w/in two weeks. All we need is 4 orders to qualify. If anyone's interested I'll post back with a promo code.
Wow!!! thats pretty expensive. I just purchased a 2.5lb Halotron from Apache for $77 w/shipping, if that deal falls through I'll come back here. I kinda like the vehicle bracket.

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