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What about the rest of the stuff needed to install a 13BT into say... a 1987 F/HJ60?
Motor mounts, radiator & shroud, air cleaner, wiring harness, all engine accessories like AC compressor, PS pump, fan & clutch, alternator....

This is very interesting, but it's a headache without an entire donor vehicle or half-cut.
Since the 13BT will require extensive fabrication if it doesn't have all needed installation parts, welding up motor mounts, custom radiator, shroud, etc., the cheaper 4BT is an equal headache, but with better North American parts & service support.

Not trying to knock this deal. I'm actually hoping for somekind of assurance that the difficult parts can be shipped w/ the engine & trans. I would rather bolt in a 13BT than fab up a 4BT installation.

And a simple question: How would this engine package actually get to someone in the central USA?
The engine and tranny generally come out of the donor trucks as one unit. Anything that is 'attached' to the engine ships with the engine. That is my understanding. As for shipping to the US, the buyer would be responsible to ship it from Vancouver, Canada to where they are. We could help arrange this, but the container will be in Vancouver.

For those who are not seriously interested, the price point will not be public. Those who are interested will be sent a quote via PM. Understand, this is a one time deal. This is not intended to be a profit making deal for me. Just trying to get my own cost down along with everyone else.
Can we get a ball park figure (5k 10k 15k)? And like Jim said, half cuts make it a whole lot easier because those things that aren't "attached" to the engine are just as important as the things that are.

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