Grey fj40s

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May 14, 2012
Hey guys, I have a '72 40 that I'm planning on having repainted within the next two weeks. The PO had it painted from its original rustic green color to a darker shade of green with a silver hard top and bezel (which I'm not a fan of at all). My plan was always to go back to the rustic green color until just today when I searched some colors and ran across a couple photos of cruisers painted a dark shade of grey. I loved the way the color looked, but I was only able to find a couple of photos as examples and none mentioned the color code. I'm hoping some of you guys can post some pictures of your grey cruisers with the color code to help with my decision. Thanks in advance!
One of my favorites...don't know the code though.


Thanks for the pic, man. The color is definately becoming one of my favorites too. That's an awesome looking rig! Looks great with the black rims, btw...

Here's another one....:)
64 cruiser 1.jpg

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