Gremlins in my electrical system again

Nov 7, 2002
Pacific NorthWest
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OK, my electrical problems are back. Seems I am always chasing something. My 74 has always had some sort of electrical, thought I had it sorted out, but apparantly not.

No blinkers. I turn on my lights, they all work, step on the brake and I have both brake lights. I turn on the blinker with the brake applied and that brake light goes out, still have tail lights. ODD. Now, in the past, when I had blinker problems I had tail light problems too, not this time. When the flasher went out last time, blinker would come on (very faint) but not flash. This time, NOTHING. Might be the flasher? It's not ticking like it usually does. Gonna try that in the AM.



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