Greets from Baja Sur ann Toyota 80

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Feb 25, 2013
La Paz Baja California Sur (Mexico)
Hi to all.....
I am Adriano and I moved 7 mounth ago from Italia to Baja Sur,
now I am looking for an 80 (or 450 Lexus) in Los Angeles.
I saw on craiglist some model, but if is possible, to have a little help from forum.
There are some historical problem on this FZJ model?
I know better the european diesel model, and on this great engine is well used,
it's almost indestructible....

Thaks a lot for your reply, and sorry for my poor englis... :(
Thank's a lot...... :) great article....I have here a KDJ90 diesel series, But In baja I have some problem with diesel engine.... :)
Other probelm..... :)
Now I live in Baja Sur, and so, I am wathcing Craiglist for an good 80..... I would like to find a HI8MUD partner that can give me a first impression in Los Angeles or Sand Diego about one possible car...clearly paying for it!!.... can someone be this work for me?
Awe! There are some good knowledgeable 'mud folks down there. I will let them chime in.
Welcome. Italy to Baja sounds like quite the transition

If you go to top of page and look in clubhouse section > n. America west section there are several local sub chapters. Here is a link to SoCal 80s section. Try posting up there for local input. .

There is also a sandy eggo section as well
ciao e buongiono adriano.... che tu parli inglese meglio che parliamo italiano....
posso parlare et scrivere solo un poco... :clap::clap:

welcome !!!

doh someone beat me to the slee "know before you buy" post...


id look for one starting ~150 - 180k miles < $10000.00 + good service records and go from used car is ever perfect - so adjust condition to price....

seats / leather will be in fair condition and the front seat belts will droop majorly....
the nets behind the seats will be completely shot (easy to repair)
the steering wheel will likely be visibly warn down too...

know about the major oil leaks - dizzy o ring, crank pulley, oil pump, valve cover -
know about the knuckle rebuild and when it last occurred ?
know about the phh and fhh and heater valve (see my recent escapade)

these are prime negotiating points and if the seller is "uninitiated" - they will be excellent bargaining points in your favor....

now that you are a mudder - you will become obsessed with fixing up your LC anyways....
so even if you find one with high miles (200k+) - and minimal service history - do your own PM -
points & plugs, full fluids flush, belts, oil leaks, brake pads - you should be "good to go".

not to brag - but I am now at 210k and am running great....knock on wood

the two "crises" ive had were my heater valve and my starter motor failed.....
both were easy home repairs -

again welcome


210k and rolling
Grazie a tutti.... thank's a lot ... from now all you have a friend in Baja Sur :) ....yes I know that I am looking for a old car...but it's 7 years that I imagine this moment....
I could definitely help you out on Cruisers here in San Diego. Just send me a Private Mesage and we will get in contact.
Also in the SoCsl 80 club we have a craigslist thread and people will post up good deals in Southern California.

By the way what town in Italy did you move from and where in Baja now?

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