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Apr 14, 2007
Issaquah ,WA
im new to the site and i just want to say that i am inspired by all the cool pics of members rigs. my bone stock 1991 fj80 is a daily driver. i've owned it for a few years now, and i just dont know what to upgrade first. there goes the bank account.cheers.j_rawks
:flipoff2: pics!
Welcome to mud m8, yeah up some pics when you get a chance!
Welcome :flipoff2:

I would personally fix any potential problem areas that havent been properly maintained. Then I would look into adding or modifying with acessories. The more you look around the easier it is to decide what acessories you will want for your rig but remember a decked out rig thats not properly maintained isnt a good rig:doh: .... Enjoy the 80 club and learn as much as you can!
Welcome :flipoff2:

Bring on the Pics

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