Great video showing what an old school in-line 6 can do

Jan 4, 2011
Time and money and no engine bay restrictions. Great video stepping through different levels of modification and testing each with a dyno run. It’s a Ford inline six so a little different than a 2F (4.9L vs 4.2L) to start. But still pretty cool.

Jul 21, 2012
Rhode Island USA
It's definitely possible to make power with enough time and money with anything! I think a mild turbo 3F would be a neat engine, but....

The Ford 300 engine has a couple of advantages over the Toyota "F" engines.
- It has *some* aftermarket support, because it was widely used by Ford for a very long time in quite a few different vehicles.
- However most importantly (IMO), it has a stout crankshaft supported by 7 main bearings. The F engines only have 4 main bearings (granted they are very large bearings), meaning you have a lot of unsupported crankshaft. Those two big crank throws have a lot of force on them, and the crank will flex like a wet-noodle in use. My gut feeling is the crank on an F or 2F engine would be the weak link at high power. But if you did want to try and build an F, I suspect a 3F with its short stroke would be the best bet. Just IMO.
Mar 21, 2021
Oklahoma City
I have been watching that series closely as a big fan of the 300. Like you said money can do a lot and they certainly spent it on this build in all its iterations.

One thing they missed on this was the intercooler had no fan so there was very little cooling going on which really hurt the overall numbers. I also don't understand the turbo placement, unless it was best for the dyno room and video, as I think it should be closer to the exhaust.

While this is certainly a show for max power number I also think the turbo is the wrong one for this application. Those motors aren't meant to roll super high RPM all the time (hence their worry during the process) so a smaller turbo with faster spool would be a better choice, as evidenced by the higher and higher RPM as they added boost.
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