Great meeting you guys!

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May 29, 2012
Austin, TX
I just wanted to say it was nice meeting the few of you who showed up for Coffee and Cruisers on Saturday. Some beautiful rigs and good conversation. I learned a lot even in that short time. It's been my experience that car/moto guys are the same the world around - full of knowledge, willing to share and anxious to drink good beer at the drop of a hat.

Tucker's lady had just about everything on it I would want on my future rig. Simple, but useful. Highway capable and still trail ready-ish. I also was a big fan of Walter's 60, though someone with a bigger budget snagged it off eBay.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Mark, and driving his 62. Great car, but maybe a bit too nice in some regards and too lacking in others. A nice 60, like Walter's or a quality 80 would do me just fine. Keep me in mind, guys. I'm not in a giant hurry but would love to get into a Cruiser when the right one shows up.

More chats and beer to come, I'm sure.
It was great meeting you too.

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