Grease Zerks

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Sep 27, 2003
Berthoud Colorado
how many grease zerks are there under the mighty 97 TLC........
Good question.I found 4, and after greasing most of my clunking,loose feeling play was almost gone.I found only the 2 u-joints and the 2 driveshaft zerks. Vince
wouldn't that be 2 U-joint and 1 DS per shaft?

6 total? :cheers:
Dan,No I meant 1 per u joint =2 and 1 per driveshaft =2 for a total of 4?...Now ya got me wondering and my wife has the cruiser at the moment NOOOOO!..Seriously is there 6 total? It's killin me ya know. I have a '97 mind you. Thnx,Vince
I just greased the 96 last night and changed the diff and transfer case oil and DK is right .
Stock fzj80s have 6 . Each driveshaft has 3 (1 for each u jount and one for the slip jount )
Hell, you did 4 times better then the dealer :) I got my truck from as they greased the big goose egg :doh:
So go out there when the wife gets home and find the other 2 :D
>> how many grease zerks are there under the mighty 97 TLC <<


Ok,I'm sobered up now and yep theres six :p
What kind of grease should I be using on the driveshaft ect....

Bear-in-mind that I don't want to switch back and forth the grease that's in my gun. need to stay constant. Wheel bearings are packed now so that's not an issue.

Also since I already have grease in the u-joints, does it matter if I switch to another type? like switch from dino to synth?

U-joints shouldn't matter as you can pump new in and watch the old come out. :banana:

The driveshaft itself is where you need to wait and be patient...don't overfill that puppy or you will not have a good day. BOOM! :eek: ;)

oh, and to answer you on the type of grease....I have this one grease gun I have been using for all zirks in all trucks for so long now I don't even know what it is. :cheers:

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