Grease nipple (zerk) leaking

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Dec 2, 2005
Madrid, Spain
Today I learned a new word: "zerk" browsing the threads :)

Yesterday i changed the engine oil (Mobil1 0W-40) and filter (Mann), and greased the driveshafts. Almost everything went well, but the last zerk leaked grease after lubing it. It stopped when the excess pressure was leveled, but I don't know if it will be spitting the grease until there is none left. Is this something that needs to be immediately replaced? Is this a standard part or should I take the old one to the parts shop as a sample?
Or should I just try to clean it from anything that may be obstructing it?
Whew....... 'cause that ''n'' word will get you banned at least in 80's tech ;)
I'd just pick up a new Zerk or two next time you hit the parts store.

They make a cleaning tool for them but my thoughts are for a few bucks, you'd be all set. Besides I have too many specialty tools as it is. :D offers a set of 100 for $20.00 (US) but be careful, the only ones I saw there were SAE. A couple from the stealer shouldn't set you back too far.

As far as driving, you'll be fine for a few days.
you can probably just unscrew it and clean it I imagine (don't recall doing that myself). But it is a standard type part that one can purchase (here) very easily. You probably do want to check the thread to make sure it's the same, though.
Although they all look the same there are size, thread and orientation differences in them so just make sure you get a matching part. Should be available at any parts store or the dealer. Taking the old one inside sounds like a good idea.
Thanks to all, I think I'll buy some spares just in case. In the meantime I've also done an extensive search in the forum and found a lot of useful information about greasing the driveshafts.

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