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Mar 14, 2006
Hello everybody.
My father has the 2004 model Land cruiser & it has a built in navigation system. The thing is that we do not have any maps for Greece. I contacted TOYOTA Hellas and they told me that it does not show anything on the GPS screen because no company has made any maps for Greece (which is bull**** because i have a Garmin GPS device with sea & land maps on my boat!!!).
I was wondering if anyone here has any idea on where i could find maps for Greece. TOYOTA cannot even give me specifications of the GPS device.
Thank you very much.
Welcome to the forum!
no better place to have a LC than Greece!

I had assumed that the NavSys was proprietary to Toyota and so were the maps. In which case you may be out of luck, but probably worth spending some time on the web talking to aftermarket places for maps first.

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