Got Steering Wheel Shimy When Braking

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Jun 22, 2006
Has to be warped front rotors, right? Although I thought warped rotors produced brake pedal pulsations?

If so, would you replace with non OEM ones, like DBA or PowerStop, and would you do all four, even if the rears are ok?

if the steering wheel shakes on braking it could be the front, if the truck shakes its the back.
I'd think it is most likely warped front rotors even though I have heard glazing can cause some of the same symptoms. As far as replacement, I have had better luck with aftermarket pads/rotors. We have Brembo Rotors with Akebono Ceramic pads all the way around on our LC and they are great at 40k miles.

I am currently trying to find a good rotor to put on the front of my truck, I just replaced the rears with R1 concepts blank rotors but I need a good, solid rotor for the front cause I punish them a lot and the brembos are fairly expensive.
Loose (improper preload) or worn front bearings can also cause a disc wobble and might be a more common problem on the 100 especially at 128k.

I would also inspect the entire front suspension. When the brakes are applied there is a weight shift to the front that could have interesting effects that are associated with braking but not caused by braking.

StopTech White Paper on "Warped Discs"
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