Got some cam bearing problems

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Jun 28, 2005
NE, Arkansas
Im rebuilding my 2F (77 model). I took it to the machine shop to be cleaned, honed, cam bearings, etc. When I got it back, I put in the mains, pistons rings and rod bearings and everything was perfect. When I went to put the cam in, oops, cams to big for the bearings, or at least the front one for sure, cant tell about the rest of them yet. I called the machine shop and he said I would have to scrape the front bearing. Well I thought bull poop, afaik you havent had to scrape bearings since the 30's and 40's. I've put in a bunch in smb chevys and never had to do that. So I go order me another set of bearings and put them in my self. While the cam is out I slide them over the cam and they fit perfect. I put them in the block and nope, cam don't fit. So I entertain the idea of scraping the bearing and got some sand papper and kept working with it untill I got the cam to fit in the front bearing. Well guess what, all the others are the same way. Anyone had trouble like this? I would sure welcome some input form anyone. One set of bearings were clevite and the other set are sealed power. Kinda thinking there may be a problem with both set of bearings, but I figure thats pretty unlikely. Anyway, any input would be appreciated.
I had a new cam and bearings installed a little while ago and everything fit just fine. The kit was from SOR.
No, I'm sorry I didn't. I had the machine shop install the bearings and I stabbed the cam when I got it home.

This was the kit: 050-16A-R-KIT

Are the bearings for the correct year? Not sure if there is a difference.
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I read somewhere when researching stuff for my rebuild that it's possible to mushroom the end of the cam when pressing the gear on. I don't know if this applies to you, but with 2 sets of bearings that are supposed to be for the engine I would start suspecting the cam. Unless you took it out of the engine and never removed the gear.
Thats good thinking cause I did pull the gear off with a puller and did have to give the puller a few good whacks. But I havent put the gear back on, I went out and mic'ed the end of the cam and its exactly what the book says. Also, the other bearings are the same way. Does anyone know if there may have been aftermarket cams that maybe would have had to have different bearings or something goofy like that?
I think I have to call BS on this one. The gear goes on easily and you are not going to "Mushroom" the cam end from any sort of pressure that would be applied. 10 times the pressure called for would not. Doubtful that 100 times would.

I have had to go old school and emery cloth cam bearings many times in F series engines to install the cams. It is a PITA.

Im not opposed to that as long as Im not the only one who has had to do it. Ive never had to before on any other engine, but theres a first time for everything. You say you have run into this before? Did you ever have any problems after you done it? I just hate to start sanding out the inside of the bearings if there was a better alternative. Ive spent a fortune on this thing already and I just want it to be right, I gotta take care of the ole girl, shes part of the family. LOL
Nope never had any problems from it. I have yet to have any of these particular motors apart again.... I expect I will carefully check this when I do. But no problems in the motors and none expected :)


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