got my steering working but now my radiator is leaking. Need a shop

I was stoked that I was able to get my steering installed and while I was running the engine getting the air out of the pump, I saw some coolant on the ground. My dang radiator is leaking out of the top. It is the rectangular cap that is on the top length. It looks like a little hole, but a hole nun the less. I am going to try some radiator seal and JB weld, but I think I need to find a radiator shop that can weld it closed.

Does anyone know a good CHEAP place in Hanford or Visalia or does anyone know how to weld a radiator?

Cool. I ran some radiator seal through and some JB weld. Seems to be OK right now. There is a little sticker that says lifetime warrenty on the rad. Need to look into that and see if I can claim it.

I'll know after I drive up to the inspection if it is holding. Driving around the blcok to test the steering (works great), the rad seemed to be in good shape.

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