Got mj LX - no panties though

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Mar 22, 2009
So I finally found THE Lexus LX. Basically 6 months of searching. CL, Ebaymotors,, Autotrader, other miscellaneous listings. I sent a half dozen to various shops around the country to get looked at, I made probably 500+ calls to various dealers and private sellers. I drove probably 15-16 of them on the east coast.

I finally ended up with an unlocked :( gold 97 LX with 130k for 6000 in really surprisingly good shape. The leather is good, the interior stuff is all functional including seats and the dealer's only complain upon inspection was the brakes. The guy inspecting it was kind of incredulous when I told him the price. It turns out a guy was going to sell it for 7 and some guy talked him down to 6 but then lowballed him and the guy got pissed and told the buyer to get lost. He relisted it and I happened upon his 7 day old CL listing by chance.

It has lower miles and is in better shape than almost every other LX I looked at.

Anyway, :flipoff2: to you too, no panties for me, and I look forward to off roading, but not boulder bashing or really banging the vehicle up. I need it to haul stuff and my lady has to drive it 1.5 miles to work every day so it can't be completely scarred up and whatnot.
:flipoff2: Welcome

And seeing you beat us to the :flipoff2: you should know better than to post WITHOUT pics!! :D:lol:
Welcome to the pink panty club. I found out today that I will be on the hunt for another LX or LC next spring. We put the civic in storage for the summer and the :princess: has been reluctantly driving the cruiser for the past week. She has fostered a new found love with it's plush leather seats, towering presence, and the mellow smoothness of the 1FZ. I had to remind her to not get too used to it because it's back to the civic when this fall.:p She now wants an 80 when the lease is up on her civic, so I'll have to start the hunt in about a year.

Better watch out, your :princess: might want to keep your LX all to herself.
good buy, where are the pics at?


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