Got a Sweet 62 yesterday could use your advise

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Jul 8, 2011
Canon City, Co
minimal rust!!! :)
interior clean and not damaged
arb bumper
picked up this thing for $1500
needs trans work... no reverse or 3rd 4th gears
could use some advice... probably going to put in a 4 speed out of my fj60 rust bucket...
UNLESS>>> someone may have any advice to fix this without pulling the transmission...
greatly appreciated
Looks like a nice rig.

Does the trans have enough fluid? You could dump the atf and change the filter, or just start with the 4spd install.
i have an auto tranny you could just swap in. don’t know where your located so shipping may be an issue. it was working perfect when i took it out for my driveline swap
i agree with that statement. i love my h55. just way more expensive than a drop in tranny. maybe a drop in is just what you need though to get it running then upgrade later as need drives you...

(and yes i chose the word need on purpose)
yeah fluid is full but almost black... i think its probably done for.... its actually my dads cruiser... i'm just helping him out with it a bit... don't know if he he is going to try to salvage the tranny or not.... and i'm located in canon city, co.... where are you located franklin40?
One thing I know it's expensive to rebuild, a guy I know paid $4k for a full rebuild.
I’d do the H42 swap out of the 60 and throw some lift springs and 35” tires on it. Or SOA with the original springs would work good too but a bit more work to keep it from being too tall.
thanks guys i think the h42 is going to be my route of action.... already have ome lift springs for the rear out in the barn from my 60 back in the day... found quite a few parts and pieces that have been lingering around for 10-20 years that may work well for this project... thank you all for the help... hopefully it will happen this winter....
My advice would be to leave it on the trailer and bring it to me. I don’t think you want to do all the work needed.

I’m just lookin out for you
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Hi, Personally I d rebuild or swap in another auto. They are great tough transmissions ESP .with an fj80 cooler added on to keep them cool. Clutching in heavy traffic is terrible . Mike
I have thought my transmission was toast twice. I did fluid change and new filter each time and it has gone 80,000 miles since the first time I thought is was toast.
so finding an fj62 trans isnt the easiest trans to find... but was thinking about the fj80 trans with the awd t-case along with maybe a part time kit to rid of the awd and return it to electronic push button 2wheel 4wheel.... anybody have any input on this swap? i'm sure driveshafts may be differant but it seems as though push button electronically actuated 4wd will be a nice upgrade.... would be nice if someone has done it though... and i'm speaking of the early fj80 with the 3fe not 1fz
not a hard swap, fwiu...mostly just the tcase guts and maybe driveshafts...

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