Got a new 100 series today!!!

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
Our new 2000 100 series came today from texas. very happy with it. rides incredibly smooth and great acceleration. only problem is the antenna is broken. i think it may have happened in the shipping process. when pushing the button it wont go up. does any one know that may be the problem? thanks
congrats. I must also say that -at the risk of rubbing some folks here the wrong way- the 100s do appear to be superlative road rigs, and it looks like off-road ain't bad either. The only thing I could never figure out is why they didn't put seat memory in there...
Does any one know anything about why my antenna wont be working. i can hear the motor working but the antenna wont move. also there is no sound coming out of the speakers when i try to play a tape in the rear TV
You need to replace the plastic inner coil, on an 80, the metal outer antenna that goes up and down is connected to a plastic coil that runs in and out of the motor, it's all one piece, the 80 series cost about 40 bucks and took me less than an hour to fix... 100 might be slightly different


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