Goose Creek Trail, Beartooth Mountains - Aug 13th & 14th

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Jun 15, 2015
Thats right kids. We're heading back to the Beartooth Mountains for the popular Goose Creek Trail out of Cooke City. Stay tuned for details!
Holy cow. Absolutely beautiful up there. I went solo on a few mild trails on Saturday. Really great access to a variety of trails. On Sunday, I was joined by Evan, Moon, and their friend Emily. We dealt with really poor weather conditions, making the trail to Goose Creek quite interesting. We made it to the top as it was pouring rain, hailing, and plenty of thunder and lightning. The weather eventually cleared a bit, as it does in MT! This is easily one of the most beautiful spots I've been to yet.

Goose Creek trail is rocky. Painfully slow rocky in spots. We made it to the end, and there are a few technical spots. There is a long, steep climb that is the toughest part. Definitely needed front and rear lockers to get up due to the wet conditions. May not need them if it's dry. Fortunately, there is a go around. Here are pics!

The Plan:
We will meet in Cooke City at 10 am on Saturday. Just look for the Land Cruisers. It is that simple, really. It's a tiny town. I'm planning to go up Friday night after work, so if you want to start a day early, ride the early train with me! If you get 15mpg or less, I think it is more cost effective to buy a 7 day park pass. Less mileage. I made it to Cooke City in about 3.5 hours going through the park on Saturday morning. About 3 on Sunday night. I am planning on going through the park again. We should be off the trail by 4 or so.
I think you nailed the description. It is a rocky slow trial. I was getting passed by people pushing bikes. Only a few technical spots. They are not really hard but are tricky if wet. If I remember right is mostly due to one or two big badly placed rocks. So if wet they are slippery. You can see why I had a little challenge running it solo with two days of on and off hail ( normal Montana summer weather).

But I love it up there. The map shows that it should only be a short hike to Grasshopper glacier from the lake. But I have no real knowlage of that.
Role Call. Who's in? Also, will you be coming up on Friday or Saturday?
I am in. kind of. I am going to redlodge Thursday night to pick megan up from a camping trip with her family. we will head up to goose lake Friday. we plan to hike to grasshopper glacier Saturday.
We'll be at Goose Lake by 5 or so on Saturday for some exploration. Camping at Goose Lake that evening. Are you camping as well?
Count me in with tentative friday departure. Some work on the truck to do and a couple other things which I can hopefully finish thursday.
Thanks guys! But its really all of you that come along, who make these trips what thay are! Stay tuned for info on the Boulder Extravaganza!

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