Goodyear MTR 35" x12.50 x15

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Nov 18, 2004
Orcas Island, WA
Brand new never mounted set of four Goodyear mud terrains. I was going to use them on my Land Cruiser but I find myself in the sudden need to raise funds. Originally cost me over $850.00 you can have them for $675
How much for shipping to 22601?

I'm very interested in them have the money now if shipping is reasonable PM. me

The tires weigh 70 lbs apiece and would be shipped from 98390. Fedex Ground and Ups ground are both prohibitively expensive at just under $400. :eek:
Local pickup would be best. Unless you know of a affordable shipper or you can get a better rate.
What about DHL ? just read about tires shipped for like $17 each

Well if you find a cheaper way to ship or want to work something out let me know

The quote from DHL was the best so far at 56.61 per but that is still a long way from $17. Maybe it was a shorter distance or a smaller/lighter tire.
That's the best I found too well if we can work something out but I can get them here mounted for $800 total so it's kind of hard to beat that but we'll see

$500 and I will come get them this weekend. I got cash. I am in Woodinville. Give me a call 425-218-7321 I am not on this board very often

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