good windshield installer in Denver?

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Sep 1, 2005
about two years ago had the windshield replaced at a reputable place but they were never able to stop the wind noise that the new one somehow created. They replaced the glass twice ordered the proper rivets from toyota etc but at about 60-70mph you could still hear turbulance that was not there with the original. Figured I would ignore it till it cracked again which happened last week and rather than roll the dice again with another random place wanted to ask if any Denver area 100 owners have had a windshield put in without any issues of wind noise and if so where and how much if you dont mind sharing?

quick set auto glass has done all my windshields, but i've also known the owner for about 15 years. 303.452.5378
Loud just got his replaced, don't remember where though. I think he was happy with the results but ill let him chime in...

I'm going to be due for a new one soon, too. Interested to hear some recommendations.
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I had a guy that has done several 100s (people I knew) do mine. It was chipped, cracked and rashed very badly...being an original windshield and all. I've got his contact info and if you need it, PM me.
I had mine replaced last summer while I was having other work done at Rocky Mtn. Cruisers. Call Stephen or Sabrina there and ask who they use exclusively. They did a great job, no wind noise. 303-789-3540
thanks guys, I will be contacting these places to and hopefully get it done right this time.

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