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Jan 14, 2010
Spokane Valley, WA
For yall that have read my posts, you know I'm as new as can be when it comes to car mechanics. So when it comes to engines I dont know much, but when it comes to people I can tell as good as any if someone's going to waste your time/money or worth doing business with.

I've looked for a shop who knows LCs since I got mine back in January. I didnt have much luck... from local shops telling me I had head gasket leaks bc they saw oil near the engine, to shops telling me they would charge me XXX$ to check engine stuff out (and openly acknowledge they dont know much about LCs).

Robert at DEALER ALTERNATIVE in Coeur D'Alene, ID is a great shop and knows our rigs.

They checked the entire engine out, gave me a list of what was going on. Luckily nothing urgent. He took the time to go through it all with me. Did a tranny flush + fluids for $50. Total the guy took about 2 and 1/2 hours for my rig today (including the tranny flush) and I walked out of there knowing more about what was going on with my rig all for $118.

Robert was a mechanic with Toyota for 30 yrs (IIRC) and has been running his own shop for 15 yrs. I would highly encourage anyone who needs a good, trustworthy shop who knows LCs to go there. They do it all--from alignments to lifts and everything under the hood.

(if I knew enough about the internet, I'd put a positive review up about him and his shop... unfortunately just yall here at MUD... but I hope it helps some of yall!):cheers:
Good find...Sounds like you found yourself a reputable mechanic that should know some of the old school stuff pretty well...
yeah, he's got a toyota pickup he's done a lot of mods to including a 350 chevy engine in it. He also has a 60 series LC. he quoted me $75 for the transm flush and then I saw on the bill he only charged me $50 total including fluid. I'm glad that I didnt rush into anything with any other shops. He's about 20 miles from where I live but is going to save me hundred having found a guy who knows about my rig and cares about being honest and good to his customers.

+ he was more than happy to tell me about stuff I can do myself... he replaced a nut on the AC belt pulley that I was unable to get off--for free--bc I told him I had the new AC belt back home.
Good folks in Kootenai County indeed. Spent two years there 30+ years ago (Post Falls). Need to get my Cruiser up that way some day to visit the old haunts.


Glad to see you found a mechanic up there. I know how tough that can be up there as I didn't have a garage when I lived in Spokomton, so I couldn't wrench on my own junk.
1603 E Sherman Ave, not open on weekends
forgot to mention... DEALER ALTERNATIVE in Coeur D'Alene works on all makes of cars!! (they're very honest and try to save you money... few car shops like that seem to exist anywhere any more!) Hope it helps someone :cheers:
Any of you gone to see this guy? Just stopped in there yesterday and he had a 60 and 80 series that he was working on. The 80 was a red '92. He said just last week he had 6 cruisers in there all at once.
Guys I put together a cruiser mechanic list which I posted up here a while ago which lists mechanics by state.
I can add Robert to the list if you can give me all the details ... phone number, full address, website etc etc

Here are some other trusted mechanics in WA recommended by cruiser heads, just for future reference:


Car Tender
1706 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 324-0345

Garys Auto Service
765 Martin Road Port Townsend,
WA 98368

East Olympia Cruisers
PO Box 821,
East Olympia, WA
Owner's name is Robert Hall
He's a cruiser owner and has decades of toyota mechanic experience. here's shop info:

Dealer Alternative

1603 Sherman Ave
Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814

(208) 664-8583

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