good shops in the northwest / seattle?

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May 23, 2003
North Cascades WA
Just read the thread on upnover in NE... wow. Anyone have a good shop to recommend in Seattle area?

I've got a hardworking, mainly street-bound FJ62 with stock 3FE that needs some near term fuel injection work. (I don't have the tools, space or experience to do this in reasonable amount of time).
There's this place in Tacoma, Olympic Off-Road (473-5797), the guys there are really cool and know what they're talking about. I've also heard of this place, TLC Outfitters in Wenatchee (509-664-0700), I've never dealt with them so I don't know much about them. Hope that helps :G
Thanks Gus.  Olympia sound like a long haul.  Wenatchee even further. I understand there are some 60/62 experienced mechanics at Toyota of Seattle so will likely take it there for this ignition/stock engine fix.
If you haven't already gone to Seattle, I would recommend Michael's Toyota in Bellevue. As long as you don't talk to the morons in sales, the parts and service guys actually are very knowledgeable with Cruisers. Also if you are TLCA they normally will give you a discount.
Hey.. What do you need done? I can give you a number of a toyota only joint that is FJ60/62 friendly. You could also hook up with the seattle cruiserhead group and possibly get some work out of us...I will look up the number tomorrow at work.

Seattle Washington
FreeAmerica & Bull - thanks for additional thoughts. Bull I'd welcome the name/number of the toyota only shop.

So the truck spent the day with Toyota of Seattle - their diagnosis is that I likely need a new head gasket (their estimate $1450 - ouch)

They wrote: Coolant overflowing to reservoir - Dash gauge reads cold but radiator is steaming, has some intake leaks. Also high pressure in cooling system air bubbling into radiator recommended leakdown test or tear down to inspect head gasket and test head.

They think coolant is getting into the cylinders.

My guess is that they are probably right that this is not a fuel injection issue.

Truck runs poorly - no power when cold, better but poor acceleration when warm. It "pops & bangs" (like incomplete ignition when cold).

I've seen some seattle cruiserheads at Zeeks Phinney...

I need to get the beast running in the near to mid term so figured I'd spend tomorrow calling around for best quotes. Will likely call Matt's Greenwood Auto and Union Bay Garage for starters. Welcome any additional thoughts...
If you are willing to make the 3 - 4 hour drive to Portland, Oregon  They are a Land Cruiser only shop.  You name they can do it, W's wife works at the Toyota dealership that is right across the street from him.  It's where they import all their toyotas, has a shipping yard and everything.
GW78 and all - Don't think this crusher will make it to Portland for work. She's sputtering from Interbay to Ballard (2 miles). I've got an appointment and reasonable quote from Union Bay Garage (which came referred from some other cruiser owners) and will likely drop it off Monday morning.

Even called man-a-fre today to see if they had any seattle referrals, but no luck.

I will check out overthehill on a future trip to Portland.

If anyone would like follow up report, pls let me know.
Truck just back from Union Bay Garage. Head Gasket replaced, valves ground seems to be back to health after first 40miles. Perhaps some pinging under load, but she's back to operational.

Still interested in any TLC focused/friendly shops in seattle for future projects.

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