craigslist Good price or not? 1992 built FJ80

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I had an FJ60 with a Chevy small block swap and loved it. Looking to move up to an FJ80/FZJ80 with a V8 swap of some kind. I'm no expert and wanted to get some advice and opinions about this rig in Idaho: Toyota Land Cruiser 1992 FJ80

1) Do you think this price is reasonable?

2) What sort of things should I ask and watch out for in terms of all the mods (I know not all engine swaps are created equal).

Thank you!
I'm sure someone with more knowledge will chime in but V8 swaps don't come cheap in these trucks. I was quoted 12-14K to do the swap along with a 4L60E. I considered that to be a pretty good price after shopping around. When you throw in a clean built 80 with lockers and no rust I think 19K seems fair.

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