Good price for 2009?

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Apr 20, 2013
Seattle, WA / Homer, AK / Scottsdale, AZ
All - looking at buying a one owner 2009 200 to *possibly* replace my 100. If it's half as well built as my 100 it will last me till I can no longer afford to buy fossil fuels. The truck has 70k miles, looks to be in good shape, and the dealer is asking $42k. The truck was rear-ended hard enough at some point to show up on CarFax but the repair looks to be well done.

What do you think of that price? Should I be able to work a better deal? I'm a pretty good negotiator that can afford to walk away from a particular car if the deal isn't right.
I think it's a bit high, not super high, but definatley high... I would be thinking more like 37-39kish... just my 2cents
With an accident on the carfax, that feels high to me too. Personally, I would be willing to travel a bit to find a car with either fewer miles or no accident, especially if you plan on keeping it for a long time.
In he ballpark, but start negotiating and see where the real number is.
There are tons of nice trucks available - I would not touch a one that has been in an accident - unless that is you are getting a serious discount ....

Resale is tough on damaged cars...

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