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Aug 21, 2006
Olympia Wa
Lets get some local chat going. Any local places that you enjoy to eat at that others might not know about depending on where you live in the puget sound.
I personal enjoy the Cave Man when I am up in Kent/Auburn.
Kid Valley are also great and there fried mushroom are tasty also when up in seattle.
We like a place called peppers down her in olympia. I love there seafood chimmiechanga.
There was a place in china town in seattle called kings cafe. there dim sum was the shi.. now its gone for some asian muesum. :confused:
anyways, hope this will get some good responces up. or at least make you hungry.
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Bamboo Garden in Seattle, by the Science Center. Now, before you judge you should try it. It is a Vegan Chinese restaurant. It is not for you if like that over starched thick soused americanized msg laced crap at many of the "popular" Chinese places that serve enough to feed you for a week.

Inferno's in Tumwater is our new favorite pizza. If you are hankering for a sub sandwich, try Maconi's in Tumwater, Lacey and down town Olympia.
The Cave man in Kent is great place to eat. Havent been to Dixies in awhile in Belview for a long time. But they are good, Just dont use to much of the Man on anything. Oh and then thers always Dick's Burgers in Seattle area, cant forget them. ANd the Wing Dome, and the Real Changes in Everett and Kent.
what kind of food is the real changes place you talk about? I think I have heard of the wingdome place but never from anyone that has been there. i will have to get on line and check them out.
There is a place in tacoma and i believe the have another further up north called indochine. the inside atmoshere is cool and the food is pretty darn good too.

Brandon- meconi's subs is awesome. just dont get to go there because :princess: doesnt like it!

Pecos BBQ down in Sodo on 1st ave across the street from the old sears , now starbucks building there open mon to friday 11 to 3 have the best BBq sandwiches in the state like hot get a extra link for more hot , , alway a line well worth the wait
Don't forget the Sunbreak Cafe in breakfast I've found yet!!
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Pecos is awesome BBQ and yes, all the Meconi's in Oly rock (I grew up there!!) - in Seattle you have to try "The Other Coast" for subs (Ballard and downtown) - they are AMAZING. Also right in Pike Place Market is "The Market Grill" - best blackened halibut sandwich you've ever had... don't forget Dick's Burgers in Seattle if you like the little "slider" burgers.. lastly - Zeke's pizza in Seattle and Kirkland - AWESOME!!!
anyone been to Herfy's Burgers? Pretty good stuff. They have tons of milk shake flavors!
Irish Food,

So where does one find real good Irish food. Now, some of you may not think real good and Irish food belong in the same sentence. If that is the case, KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF :D:flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2::D.

The only ones I have found are Kells in Seattle, Irish Rover? in Kirland, and that one in Ocean Shores. I have been to O'Blarnys in Lacey and Paddy Coens in Tacoma and those don't cut it.
mmm corned beef. Reminds me I need to take mine out of the freezer.
Holy thread ressurection...
We like Indochine in Old Town Tacoma; an Asian fusion place. Good food, good drinks.
For sushi, you cannot beat Mashiko in West Seattle. We've spent WAY too much money there in last couple of years.
If we're in the mood for Italian, we go to Lombardi's in Ballard. I proposed to Amy there during dinner one night ("What is this? Some kind of proposal...?" she asked...), so I've got a soft spot in my heart for them. Go there if you can't get enough garlic!!
Burgers? Hands down The Jolly Roger, The Maritime Brewing Co.'s pub. Great beer, good food. Along with their burgers, they serve these fried oyster sliders... If you go there, try them. Nummers.
indochine in tacoma is very good, we like there fire cracker shrimp appitizers. The Iron Rabbit on the westside oly. where the old skippers used to be is very good also. kinda pricey and portions could use a couple more spoon fulls but yummy. The barg burger at tug boat annies is a fun one to order for a group. its about 5-6 patties and a huge custom made wagners bakery bun.
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there is a mongolian place on the westside of oly called the hot iron grill. i think. anyways it is in the rite aid complex its very good.
i have seen a couple places closed down. the quiznos on the westside and jj norths, i didnt go to either just noticed they were closed the other week.
x3 on peco's pit in seattle!!!! xxx burgers of 1-90 in issauqe, they also have awsome root beer floats and great car shows!!!
elliot bay brewery west seattle or burien.
had lunch at Angels Thai Cuisine in down town Oly and the food was really good

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