Good painter in SE Wisconsin area to finish my 40?

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Aug 13, 2021
Williams Bay
Anyone know of a good painter to help me finish my project?

Short version of the story - It's not a total body off but pretty close. I've got most of the prep work done (right) and plenty of pictures to show the measures being taken but the guy that's doing the work just doesn't have the time to finish it this millennium so I'm afraid I may need someone else to get it across the finish line.

Longer version of the story - Bought a '72 40 in August of 21 that at first glance had a decent paint job about 5 years ago. After looking more closely I found that the paint job really wasn't very good - didn't do enough prep, didn't take windows out, etc. I may be new to classic car restorations and 40's but I'm in the building trades and am finicky enough to know that it'd drive me crazy to invest a bunch of time & money into restoring seals, hardware, etc. on this thing over a crap paint job. So, last fall I connected with a pro body guy and I stripped all the hardware, weatherstrips, panels, etc. off and brought it to him to do the body work and paint prep in his garage. All in all, the body is in really good shape. Using a DA sander he started the process of sanding each panel down to bare metal. Slow going. Every other weekend sort of thing. After several months of nudging him along I finally got smart and sent the entire tub (still on the frame) and the remaining panels to a soda blaster to take the rest of the paint off. Hoped this momentum would continue but we only made a little progress. The last few months have come to a halt.

So, now here it sits. Half of the panels (door sections, hard top sections, hood, etc.) are sanded, prepped and primed. The other half of the panels are blasted but need minor bits of prep and then prime. The tub has been blasted & some body work done but still needs a bit more, then primed. Then, it all needs to be taken from primed to finished coat.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of a trustworthy person that'll help me get this to the finish line? Not necessarily show-winning quality but maybe show worthy. I've obviously got some time, money and mental energy into this already and am ready to get it done. Next couple of months?








Apr 7, 2021
What's your budget?
How far are you willing to go?

There's a shop in Burnsville Minnesota that I was considering. I spotted a ~70 Bronco parked outside near one of my customers. It looked good from the road. Looked really good up close.


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