Good on-line source for OE Toyota Tacoma parts?

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Feb 4, 2005
Seattle, USA
Hi all,

Need to do a tune-up on my 2007 Tacoma. Looking for a good on-line OE Tacoma parts source for price comparison with the local dealer.

So far the 2 or 3 websites that pop-up after a Google search have not been very user friendly, nor helpful.

Any suggestions or recommendations?


Beno and Sam over at Lowe Toyota offer Mud discounts, and I wouldn't think for LC related parts only. Great with shipping too from what I have read.
Lowe toyota is where i get parts for my T100. They're much cheaper than the local dealer even after shipping is factored in.
I used to look up parts on-line and as you mention, they are not always easy to navigate.

I can't give you a good on-line resource, but I will second what has been said above, Sam and Beno at LOWE are my go to guys now. Beno will certainly be able to find what you are after and will certainly give you the best price he can.

For online ordering where I don't need human assistance, I usually do my initial lookup on ToyoMotorParts(formerlyToyotaPartsEast), which has link-thru access to the OEM parts drawings--an invaluable resource.
I usually order from ToyotaPartsZone, a dealer in Southern California which apparently is affiliated with TMP, sans the drawings. Being in the L.A. area, the shipments from TPZ come in one day via UPS Ground.
One of the earliest web-order Toyota dealers was/is 1stToyotaParts, which is in your area. Prices are usually very close between the online dealers.
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Odd, I just checked Toyomotorparts and wasn't able to find any link on the home page to drawings.

But them I'm blind in one eye and can't see out the other.

Where is it?
On the home page, you have to click the link for your model vehicle, then put in the year, and other info. Then a category list comes up...Find your category and click the link. Then when you get the page that shows the partnumbers and prices, up near the top, you should see "Parts Listing: <More Info> <link>"

(There may be more than one link listed...each link is for a specific diagram...Click the one you want, THEN click the <More Info> button.)

Click the <More Info> button, and it will open a pop-up window with a link and a <View> button. Click the view button, and the parts diagram will open....You can zoom and scroll it.

I do exactly the same as Pluton....I always check ToyoMotorParts first to get part numbers and initial prices, and especially for the diagrams, as they seem to be the most complete, and easiest to navigate once you get the hang of it.

And yes, ToyoMotorParts used to be, and IIRC, there was a, which became
And IIRC, they were affiliated thru the same "mother" company..??

You'll find that ToyoMotorParts has about the same prices as all other, GOOD, online OEM dealers. I've found most prices are generally only 1%-5% difference...
So it basically just comes down to:

1)finding one nearest you to save on shipping time (dont really expect to save on shipping $$ just because its closer. I've found most online sites to charge a flat (outrageous) S&H fee, (usually between $12-$17) for even the smallest parts orders)

2)Customer service and communication

3)If shipping time isnt too big of an issue within a couple days, look around any forums you're a member on, specific to your vehicle. SOmetimes online dealers sponsor the forum, and will give modest 5% discounts, or offer monthly, or special deals for forum members.
I know that Camelback Toyota (Phoenix, AZ) does this on the TundraSolutions site, Lowe Toyota does it here on Mud (I recommend them), and I'm sure there is someone who does it on TTORA, as well...
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Thanks guys for the replies, I'll check 'em out.


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