Good LandCruiser paint/body/ restoration shops?

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Jan 13, 2005
Dallas, TX
There was a thread....but now its closed for some reason:

I'm getting ready to start a new project, and since I'm not really a body work guy, I'm tentatively planning to drop off an FJ45 cab and some other misc parts for bodywork and repair. I am seriously considering getting in touch with Cruisercorp in Oklahoma unless there is someone better/closer. I need to get one FJ45 cab worked and painted, one FJ45 trayback worked and painted, another FJ45 hardtop and doors worked and painted all at the same time.

Any suggestions?
Frank Waggoner in McKinney is the guy all the classic car guys go to around here. I'll dig up his contact info.
Checking out a shop on sat. off of Royal lane with a friend .This shop did his 240z and Patrol and what I saw looked nice. Mike
Just got back from the shop. 250 ish to paint fender for fj-62. English is suppling the paint. Will be done next week. Alot of old 240zs,cadys,petrols,m.g.s,rolls etc. LOtS of new metal fabrication all rust being cut out. 2 paint booths the nicest Ive seen 500,000 plus. Very impressed so far. MIke
Beautiful work! 10 plus . Give Tony a call, tell him Mike with the cruiser fender sent you. Majestic Classic Cars 972-241-6077 Mike
He has some really neat cars he is working on. If A tub needs extensive work,he could do it.MIke
I do most of my work but I don't have an a.c. Vacuum machine. The fellow I use in Farmers Branch I really like. He works on any car ac and has done work for me on a lot of my cruisers. If you need any ac work I highly recommend him . Mike
+1 for Frank Waggoner.

Frank did the paint and body work on my 71.
Rust was cut out and replaced
Moisture entry points were seam sealed.
I'll let the pictures tell the rest.







:clap: Sweet! Is that where it stands now, or do you have updated pictures? We want to see it when it's assembled.
I don't have a bunch of recent pictures online.. I should probably do something about that ha. This is shortly after I mounted the front clip.

Body and frame are from a 71. Engine and transmission are from a 69. It is not a daily driver so I kept the three speed. I'm still on the fence as to if I should have spent the money to conver to a 5 speed or not. I farmed the bodywork/paint out to Frank and covered everything else myself.

I need to get seat belts, a working horn, and a working parking brake to pass state inspection and start driving it.

That looks great! I love that color. Those are some pretty big shackles on the front of that bad boy. Make sure you check your caster.
You've got 3 weeks to get it ready for our next meeting. ;)
Yes it will be getting a full alignment. The shackles were courtesy of the PO and I haven't bothered/decided if I'm going to change them yet.

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