good engine shop in the boulder, co area?

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Nov 7, 2006
Sugarloaf, CO
i know this should really go in the recommend a mechanic thread... ill post up my findings there afterwards

anyways, i need a good shop in the boulder, co area, hopefully one that has experience with the 2f motor, that can help me out with some engine machining (balancing and head work and such, hopefully not boring as well...)

You should search or post up on the Rising sun site. They know which shops in the area to go to and which to avoid.
Charley's Garage in Boulder does good work with 2Fs and all aspects of your LC

4715 Broadway St # 3
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 443-7714
Independent Motors on Pearl St. in Boulder are some the best in the area. I bought my cruiser from a guy in Boulder and took it to thier shop for a once over before I drove it back to Kansas - there were several cruisers on the lot - they know cruisers well. I would highly recommend them.
If you are just looking for Machine shops to do some work then. Gunn automotive does good work. Mile high perfromance in Wheatridge has been getting all my work for many years. Colorado crank does the crank work for most of the shop in the Denver area(just about anything you want, mild to wild).
Good luck with your choices.
whoa... thats more choices than i expected...

time to do a lil shoppin around:hmm:

thanks everyone!

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