Good Deals on 22R parts!

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Feb 10, 2008
Alamogordo, NM
All Parts listed are for/on a 1985 Toyota PU 4WD with 22R Carbed.
LC Stainless Header Ceramic Coated and Polished(with EGR coated pipes)$300
Weber 32/36DGV Carb with K&N Filter Setup. $300
LC Polished and Speced Distributor with Accel 8MM Wires in Red $150
Offenhauser Intake-Powder Coated $150
Toyota Valve Cover-Powder Coated in Red! $75
Igniter Assembly $50
New Starter-1 Month Old $30
Aftermarket Head with larger ports and RV Cam 268'Duration .425 Lift $300

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