Good deal on brakes?

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Dec 2, 2003
I've used this site FCP for aftermarket audi parts with some success. Does this seem like a good deal? Anyone seen better?

hi went through the website looks interesting, but is the part no compatible with our truck? how to verify?
I saw that site recently, and wanted to try them, so I ordered a batch of things and half the items (really), though pictured as the made-in-Japan OEM, were substituted with inferior aftermarket parts. No Chinese, but not OEM quality. They responded quickly to my request for a RMA, so no issue with customer service, but I would not buy from them again, cuz of the bait 'n switch and the return hassles, unless they say item pictured is what's delivered.

From now on, for Cruiser parts, I just buy from known MUD vendors or Dealer.
FCP Groton's known to be good in BMW circles.

However, the last OP Parts rotors I ordered (not Land Cruiser) came through 'Made in China'
and just didn't hold up very well
where they were previously Polish and well- made.

I think it's supply chain stuff- formerly good names are no longer supplying the quality parts they used to.

Huh. So where do I get good OE quality made in Japan parts on the cheap? This doesn't seem like the kind of thing you need to buy OEM.

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