Good Cruiser Mechanic in Laramie?

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Nov 16, 2008
1994 LC, no CDL, 160K. Just began to hear the clicking (birfs from what I have gathered from searching) on moderate to hard acceleration and wheels turned. No clicking as far as I can tell either in reverse or 4Lo and wheels turned.

So, I think I'm ready for at least a front axle service. Planning a family trip to Yellowstone at the end of the month, and would like to get it serviced beforehand.

Hoping that one or two of you guys is local and might be able to recommend a shop in Laramie that's reliable for Cruiser jobs. I know I've seen other cruisers in town (including a nicely built 60 in great condition that the owner has his business name printed on - is the owner a mud member by chance?). I'd take it to the dealership for some things, but this isn't one of them.

Also wanted to ask the shop to do the PHH while they're in there, since it seems like guys have said it's easier to access with the wheel off.

Other issues that I might want to address while it's in: I seem to have the driveshaft spline thunk issue, and am occassionally afflicted by the intermittent start devil.

Howdy! Can;t help you for Laramie, or even Cheyenne, but Fort Collins might be your best bet. Used to be a pretty good dealership on the north end of Hwy 287. Used to be a pretty good 4x4 shop on N. College (287) close to the railroad tracks and/or the Poudre River. Good Luck. John

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