Goler Wash / Echo Canyon

Feb 1, 2005
So Cal
Friday, Oct. 21 - Mission: pre-run Goler Wash with an eclectic group of Jeeps. These guys are from a Death Valley web site and they expedition there often. The plan was to pre-run Goler before a substantially larger group who planned to do the same on Saturday. Reports were that Goler had substantial rain damage. Not very many pics of the sole 'yota because the photographer was also the trail boss and the most experienced of the group. I made sure he spotted me thru every inch of the four waterfalls, up and down. We also stopped at Barker Ranch, where Charles Manson was hiding out until he was arrested.

Photo's: http://community.webshots.com/album/485713069ynoxAR
and http://www.putfile.com/dealmaker

Saturday, Oct. 22 - Mission, run Echo Canyon up to the waterfall (the Goler run was cancelled). Check out Inyo mine along the way. 13 vehicles in all.

Photo's: http://community.webshots.com/album/485713116PsiQYM
and here

There may be some video coming around soon. If so, I'll update this thread.
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