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GOLDDOG roof top tents

Discussion in 'Accessories - Electronics - Recovery' started by blubear, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Sep 10, 2013
    DSCF2827.JPG DSCF2840.JPG brown ext tent.jpg DSCF2823.JPG DSCF2817.JPG Golddog roof top tents are builted for rugged overlanding and camping adventures. Inclusive package includes , aluminum diamond plate insulated floor , LED lighting , 3" foam mattress , condensation mat and a skyview window to look at the stars. HD SS brackets and wrapped poles . Telescoping ladder for easy entry with no-seeuns screen . Kaibab extended for $1895.00 in forest green and desert sand with the Tonto non-extended for $1595.00 . Take an extra 10% off more saving. We are Vet own company and Veterans and active duty can get an extra 10% off all year sales are not included. www.golddogtents.com
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