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I upped my wrenchin skills, now up yours!
Jun 2, 2012
Coastal NC
So spur of the moment..first time FJ buyer - headed about an hour away to look at an 1974 posted on Craigslist - no pics - but what the heck...talked to the guy - he's motivated to sell..I have no doubt itll be in horrible shape...but you never know..if anyone wants to PM a cell number that I can send text pics too to help identify problem areas..please send it to me..if its a complete rustbucket itll be a no for me..but I dont know what exactly to look for (other than rust ha ha)

Im totally excited regardless...keep your fingers crossed!
Good luck! I am no authority on fj40's yet, hope someone can help u out
Well, this 74 was a bust for me... Apparently the frame itself is in good shape..ill post more pics when I get home :(
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My biz and an Ih8mud member said the rollcage, bumper and tires were the only plusses..
.. Id rather pay more for a great frame and solid body.

That would be wise IMO, especially for your first Cruiser. Keep looking; they are out there.
When I talked to the guy, he said "minor rust, undercarriage was PRISTINE, and it definitely runs, needs a carb and the clutch was 'pushed back'..."I had to check my gps I thought maybe I was looking at the wrong address - the gas tank was a 2 liter soda bottle.
too BAD---at least you did not DRIVE day 'all day' to go look at it .....went with a bud a year ago and we turned around in the parking lot-after driving 4 hours...almost did not get out of the truck
what did he want for it???
Yikes! That'd be too long ...but then again...I am looking in KY, TN, VA..he wanted 2K
Tell me what you think..shoot straight with my first prospective FJ purchase...Im not looking for a huge rebuild..something I can drive for fun...maintenance is okay..minor fixes..perfectly acceptable...

Would these one be worth the 7 hour dirve down based on what can be see here?? Tell me true!
Charleston FJ
looks nice----but i like original 6 cyl. motors....alway's liked the sound of them.
sarca...sorry ....if it were me i'd pass...thats alot of $$$$ for something that has that much bondo in the rear...well....i assume bondo (there's no back doors)

have to admit...it was looking good untill the rear

and the bezel is upside down
thanks for the feedback..my huz he thinks the motors are much easier to work on (id THINK id prefer an old one over having a newer type that has a lot of electrical crap..) For me its not about the engine being slightly more efficient with gas..I already have a daily driver thats fuel efficient...correct me if Im wrong...whats been your experience on original motors vs anything else?
You should be buying the 69 that is fs in OH in the for sale section. Not affiliated.
Funny, we looked at the Ohio rig REAL hard...great looking ..BUT cost plus going to get it..still unsure about it, especially as a *first*. We are going to see one in Raleigh on Saturday..its on Craigslist..looks good to my untrained eyes. I'll post a link - but the pics are superficial...he emailed me some others..

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