Going to go look at a 'cruiser tomorrow

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Hello My Name is: TAD
Aug 20, 2003
South Carolina
cdan, I think its a legit locker deal but I'd like to take you up on your offer to check the VIN since I haven't seen it in person yet.

97 with 104k miles, asking $17950. Pictures of course make it look like a creampuff. Opinions on what pricing should be my goal????

Tad -

In case Dan doesn't see this post, the "K294" means it DOES have lockers (or, at least, was originally fitted with lockers from the factory...). K292 is the non-locker version.

Good luck !

R -
In addition, the tag is an original as opposed to a "duplicate" provided to be affixed to a replacement door (from a collision repair). It also does not appear to have been masked off and painted around.

Oh, It's 6M1, what a handsome color.......
10Sep2003 (UTC -7)


FZJ80 = with 1FZ-FE engine (basic model code)
L = left-hand drive (steering wheel position)
G = station wagon (body type)
N = lift-up back door
P = 4-speed automatic, floor (gearshift type)
E = VX (model grade)
K = DOHC and SFI (engine specification)
A = U.S.A. (destination)

...but you already knew that ::)
that sticker sure is purty! =)

Looks like you may have a new child!

I am in a process of purchasing my 97 LC with 108k mi for 15k. I think you can do better in asking price. This one also has the locker and only thing missing is the roof rack. Black exterior and Tan interior.
Good luck!
In Jersey, that would go for about 14k. Somewhere around 13-14.5k. I would not go more than 14 for sure.

410225-the factory rack is a piece of dung anyway. That's why I got one that never had one. Make sure your truck doesn't have holes up there or plugged from the previous owner taking it off since most had 'em.

Most important thing is the maint - make sure it was done. See all the previous posts on buying a newtoyou beater. :flipoff2:

And if the seller don't budge on price, flick them a view of the ole oneeye as you turn and walk away. :banana: :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2:
I'm stuck at work and will have to wait now :'( Thanks for the tips on the sticker information. I'll have to wait until this weekend to look at it now.

Wow what a dog this one was!!!! Half the wood trim inside was cracked off, driver side leather was ripped across seat, coke stains on the top of the center console and bleach on the carpet. Interestingly enough we drove a 97 LX450 at a dealer down the road and the ragged out cruiser felt alot peppier. Shouldn't they not have the same gearing stock? The LX had no lockers so I didn't pursue it but I wanted a good comparison with the LC. Turned out the picture of the ID sticker was the cleanest part on the truck :)

Tad, trim items can be replaced or repaired. If the mechanicals are sound and the price reflects the blemishes don't discount it out of hand. Now if they still want all the money it's a different story.
Rip the wood off of the dash. It looks better w/o it anyways, IMHO. :)

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