Going to Florida on Vacation

Jul 9, 2004
Montgomery Co. TEXAS
Gonna be staying in the Cape Coral / Ft. Meyers area the last week or so of June.

Want'n to make a two-day trip to the Keys while we're there....can anyone give me some ideas on family stuff to check out/do while we're there, where to stay, etc. Ain't never been that far south in the state.



Feb 9, 2004
Buffalo Grove, IL
I just came back from down there a month or two ago. Did the driving thing, so I was able to hit a few stops on the way. Besides the beaches and stuff like that, if you rent a car and drive down to the Keys, stong along old Alligator alley and take the kids on an airboat ride. Cheap, and pretty fun. Also, go the national park over there. Get to see some real cool wildlife up close. Also on your way down to Key West if you go that far, there is a good wildlife refuge in Key Largo, plus some neat little motels all along the water. I think I stayed at one called Tortoise Inn for a night. Primitive, but scenic and something away from the norm. In KW, Mallory Square at sunset is a great time for kids too. Entertainers, world class sunset, and some good little food carts. After the kids are in bed, you and the Mrs. can prolly catch some good live music at Sloppy Joes, or my personal favorite Schooner's wharf right off the pier. Here's a couple pics I took in the 'glades..



Mar 15, 2002
south burbs of Chicago
Got to second checking out Mallory Square in KW about an hour before sunset. Was there last month and it's pretty cool. Theater of the Sea in Islamorada is supposed to be fun for the kids but I've never been there.
Mar 2, 2005
Costa Rica
Mallory Square is a must. Dont miss it.

Try to hit Theater of the Sea on your way to KW. The kids will absolutely love it. There is a lot of hands on interaction so be prepared to get pretty wet so take a change of cloths.

One fun (and fairly cheap) thing to do is to go on one of the ghost tours. Fairly cheap and entertaining (the story of Robert the Doll) will give you a tickle.

One thing I found a blast to is take a kayak (or rent one from the many beachside venders) and go explore some of the sea life. It is amazing to boat around. You will see tons of animals such stingrays (or manta rays?).
May 1, 2005
West Palm Beach, Florida
Robbie's, just past Islamorada, has some tame tarpon that you can feed. Kids dig it and it's a quick/cheap stop on your drive south. 7 Mile Grille is a quaint place for a lunch stop. Located at the north end of the 7 Mile bridge, bayside. Bahia Honda State Park is pretty cool. Nice beach. The sunset at Key West Mallory dock is a must-do if you make it that far. Second the Sloppy Joe's scene. Rick's place is also pretty cool.
Day snorkelling trips are nice if your kids are old enough. If you're not use to the ocean, be careful with motion sickness.
Check out this site: http://outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com/zeroforum?id=9
It's a fishing forum but you may find some good info there.

You'll have about about a 3-4 hour drive to Key Largo and another 3 hours after that to Key West. 2 days will leave you little time, so plan what you want to do before you arrive. Also a good idea to have motel reservations.

If you're driving back on a sunday, the US 1 highway get's real slow. Consider taking Card Sound Road out of Key Largo instead of US 1. 10 miles longer but much faster if it's sunday.

Also, watch your speed and wear your seat belt. Lots of enforcement going on at all times.

Have a fun and safe trip.

Mar 16, 2005
Take them fossil hunting. Like a scavenger hunt, never know what you are going to find and you get to learn something other than how much is that Mickey in the window. Florida is outstanding place to to look for fossils and this guy is a pretty cool guide and makes it easy for a family. Not sure what the river conditions will be while you are there but Mark the guide will.

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