Going for it......

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Apr 2, 2009
Colorado- On the road and in the backcountry
Ok heres the deal....


Cruiser lust...

Initiate Sequence:

Fly into the Greater Mojave at Inyokern from NY then headed up to Trona, CA to pick up a mint 62....

The mission:

Drive it back to Vermont...


Proffitts to do a inspection/ask WTF I'm thinking speech...


Suggestions on Supplies to Bring!!!!
Possible Stops along the way
Anything Else?!?!?:confused:
sounds familiar... https://forum.ih8mud.com/chit-chat-section/162277-3-300-miles-6-days.html

It sounds like the cruiser is in good shape, so it shouldn't be too bad a trip. I recommend going to NAPA after you pick up the truck to stock up on spares because they are good about returns at different locations if you don't end up needing them. Choose a location and call ahead though to make sure they have what you want in stock when you get there.

Where in VT are you located?
Sounds awesome! Stop at Profitts and have them do an SOA, then make the drive back.:grinpimp:

Seriously, pick up the truck then go to NAPA and pick up parts like VTCruiser said and buy at least a gallon of motor oil, 90w oil, coolant, a quart of ATF and a quart of brake fluid. Make sure the brake pads have enough material left on them, the tires are not dry rotted and go for it!
Bought my plane tix... (1 way obv) so its pretty much a done deal...

Huh.... I dont think they could do it quick enough... But I'll make the call and see if they could squeeze me in!

If not SOA Front or Rear Bumper Swap? What would you do?

Napa will be a stop for sure....

Oh and heres a pic...

Nice score. GLTHFJ60's advice is dead on. I'd also add that you should avoid making this trip with a weekend as part of it, unless you are OK with the prospect (as unlikely as it might be for a rig in that alleged condition) of sleeping in a hotel and waiting for a Monday morning for a mechanic shop to open.

Make sure the coolant temp gauge is working before you depart. Who is doing your pre-sale inspection?
WOW that's a clean truck. Tires look like BFG AT's so you should probably be good to go in that department, but you never know till you get there.

How long are you expecting this trip will take? That many miles will take a long time in a 62.

As for Proffits, what are you planning on using this truck for? Expedition rig or wheeler? The answer should determine your choice as to what you should get at Proffits.

If the belts don't have any cracks in them then you're probably ok, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Ooooh, nice 62! Got so many less dents than mine. Make sure a post a note when you get her home!
good luck, i had a brain fart like that a few yrs ago. flew to LA bought an 84 and drove it back to VA. Stop and by tools, and belts at the very minimum. Make sure your spare is good. By the time i made it home i had replace the whole coolong system, gutted the smog pump, stopped at every walmart between CA and VA on I40, slept in the cruiser, no showers...fun
Get those tires aired up for the long distance driving. :)

Mine was, well crap I had 2.. driving up to Edmonton and bringing back a '65 FJ45LV wagon, and flying out to Maine to drive back an '82 BJ42 from Prince Edward Island.. in February. That was actually a fantastic trip. Back in the day when you could bring some serious checked baggage, I filled up two action packers with tools and spare parts, drove promptly to the auto parts store and filled up on fluids, emergency stuff, etc. and had a nice drive home. Nothing like a 3B with stock size Hankook winter tires in the middle of nasty winter weather to make for a fun adventure.

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