Going back to stock air cleaner (1 Viewer)

Jan 3, 2019
I have a few questions about converting a weber carb/aftermarket cleaner to a weber carb/stock air cleaner on my '74 F.5:


When I removed that air cleaner and tried to fit the stock one, the center bolt to the carb was in the way:

So I removed it, only to realize that it looks like 2 bolts welded end to end on each other. I take it that's not how weber intended it to be haha. Do I need to replace that center bolt to secure the carb with one that just goes down and not up?

I was thinking of buying the redline air cleaner adapter for this purpose, but the air cleaner is still hitting the carb a little bit and isn't exactly in the center of the carb. Anyone have any experience with this setup? I know I should best go with a stock carb, but with my experience it'll take me 6 months to figure it out with a high risk of never getting it to run again haha.

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