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Dec 7, 2008
I searched and couldnt find that "go to" guy for AMAYAMA that was posted on the forums a while ago.I remember having to send out part numbers to them and they would reply if they have them or not...even if its listed on the website. Ive never had to order anything from them before...or should i just go to the website and order direct? Thanks!
Apr 20, 2002
amayama.com has regional reps. I have had Luis and George respond, but my buddy Sean in town has another guy with his orders. For some reason, the parts orders have not been as clean as before with some parts delay or other parts cancelled even after the bid was accepted and paid. DHL also now has been hitting up the recipients with post duty requests when ordering from UAE and more than $250. You must bid Japan OR UAE for the entire order, they don't move items to the other source nor do they bid an order automatically to the other location.

my tips, try to bulk order stuff, bid UAE first if the cost savings are better than 20% - the DHL cost is higher than japan post but parts normally cheaper.

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