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Dec 31, 2002
Hi everyone I was wondering If anyone has put in a gm steering tilt column in and if so If by any chance they know witch wire colors on the cruiser have to be hooked up and on the gm to make everything work.This would make It faster or I will just spend the time to figure them out but I want to get my cruiser back on the road It hasn't seen pavement since 1988
i have heard the flasher relay is a PITA, and not to even bother with the windshield washer hookup. hope that simplifies it a little for you :D
Thanks for that advice but the tilt wheel is off a mid 70s nova so all I need is the ignition turn signals hazards horn If I hook It up and thats It
When I did mine I only hooked up the directionals horn and ignition. the hazard flashers I left in the stock location. which is on the dash of my '71.

Unfortunately I don't have the wiring diagram anymore.
did it back in 1996.
When i did mine I used the directionals and haserds only i did this because i figured crimanals are stupid so if somebody tried to steel i they whould punch the colom and not notes the other ign swich. and the horn and wipers could just as easly be somewere on the dash search on pirate4x4 for gm colom(spell it right) thats were i got my information
You might as well use the GM dimmers, turn signals and horn also as they hook straight up to the Toyota wiring. Keep the dash mounted 4 way switch as it is on your FJ40. All the signals run through it and it's a pain to bypass(lot's of extra wiring.
The ignition is off a switch on top of the column operated by a rod from the key switch. It's straight-forward and easy to figure out.
Here's the wiring colors from the column. You'll need to get an FJ40 wiring diagram to cross-reference.(This site has several for free)
Black--to stop light switch(gets hot when brakes are applied)
Green---to right rear turn/stop lamp
Yellow--- to left rear turn stop lamp
purple---12 volt switched and fused to one side of turn flasher
dark blue----right front turn lamp and indicator
light blue---left front turn lamp and indicator
dark green---grounds when horn button is pushed--to horn relay
blue(maybe light blue) also---dimmer switch feed(common)
light green----high beam
tan---low beam
red----from battery/unfused(be careful)
pink---ignition switch "on" (unfused) Feed a fuse block with this for accessories like wipers, heater
White/Purple with maybe red or orange----Primary ignition voltage. to coil
Brown----Accesory position
Purple----get's hot when in start position. to solenoid
These colors are from old Oldsmobile column.Everything works on mine just fine.
Double check all of these with a meter. Your colors may be differnt from mine.
Good luck,

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