gm power steering ok with stock height?

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Mar 9, 2006
Chattanooga TN.
can i use the saginaw steering with stock height landcruiser? we are going to do a springover eventually, but would like to add power steering now, so my wife can drive it easily, since its hers. :)
Also, any preference on poly spring bushings?
Welcome to Mud! Yes you may run saginaw steering on a stock SUA 40 just fine. I like poly bushings because they seem to last longer than the rubber ones. I can't tell a difference but some claim they can tell the difference between poly and rubber bushings in leafsprings. The rubber being a softer ride and the poly harder.

Power steering is the number one thing you can do to make your wife's ride streetable, disc brakes are pretty close behind in my book.
Cool. it currently has no brakes, so i'm putting disk all the way around to start with. Shes buggin me to get it done so she can drive it. Guess I need to dig around here and find a vendor for poly bushings.
looks like im' going to have to straighten the right front spring hanger for the rear also. not sure what they did to it, but its gusseted and rusty so maybe it just gave out and they couldn't get it completely straight again.
poly bushings? you can't spit without hitting them with the vendors lol

not sure what your talking about with the rear spring hanger however there is a site that offers reproduction rear hanger/gusset plate thing... i'll get the site in a minute
Sounds like a pretty cool wife if she pushin you to git r done so she can drive it. You will love 4 wheel disk.
its the front hanger, for the rear spring, that would be cool if I could just buy one. I can fab one, but why bother if it can be bought easily. I'll try to get some pics of the beast up on here in the next few days.

It is not uncommon for the hangers that you are talking about to rot out from the frame. After I installed Saginaw power steering in my truck and four-wheel disc brakes back in 1991, the next thing I did was frame repair on my Red truck at this exact location. I have now done it on a number of trucks since.

Cut the old hanger off, cut out all the crap metal in the frame, weld in new, weld the hanger back on, box the rear section of the frame to help prevent it from flexing again, and make a little triangle piece to gusset the top of the hanger to the frame, and you are good to go.

Good luck!

hey bandy, I've been looking and havent come up with a site that has that bracket yet. looked on sor website, they have an exploded diagram, its #15L and 16R on thier site, but cant remember the page #, but its just a pic, they dont' have a listing on it. anyhow, if you find it let me know. otherwise, i'm going to have to fab soemthing up in the next week or two.

You need to click on the diagram's number on sor's website. Once you click the number, it will bring up a new page with all parts and prices.

Good luck!
Hi All:

You sound like one lucky fellow, with a wife that loves "her" FJ40 so much! Or, she is a super-lucky lady to have a husband that will slove over her ride so willingly!

I believe "Proffitt's Cruisers" has spring hanger brackets for sale; see:


Sweet, thanks for all the help. I think i'm going to order up two of them from proffits. now I just need to find some stock fj55 rear springs to slap in the rear while i'm working on them.

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