Glow plugs

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Jan 28, 2016
Marquette, MI
I have read through the informative section/discussion on glow plugs and did not happen across an answer to my question. So here it is: I have a 1980 BJ40 with the original B diesel and the glow controller system. I have been running glow plugs from Specter Off Road. I decided to try the NGK plugs Y-128T. The heating element is the same length and the total plug length is also the same. The difference is the thread length. It starts in the same place as the Specter plug but extends further toward the hex head end. The Specter plug has a shoulder that extend down about 7mm from the hex head.
Does the head have tapered glow plug holes so the plug will not go in too far so as to have the top of the cylinder strike it or does the shoulder on the Specter plug serve that purpose?

Hopefully there are other B engine people using NGK Y-128T plugs that can speak from experience.

Thank you.


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