glow plug help

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Jan 2, 2009
fort mill sc
Long story and i cant get my glow plugs to stay on long enough.

1) replaced a blown 2l engine with a 97 2l two engine.
2) the old glow plugs from the 1986 LJ are in the 97 engine as they were working better with my old wiring.
3) It seems the are engaging but not for long enough.

I am not sure if the old ones in the 97 engine were 12 volt, 24 volt, or what ever they come in for volts?

Anyway I would love some ideas. I think maybe 12 volt plugs for a 97 2l 2 engine might help, but I do not have the ECU with the same type of timer system in the 1986 LJ verus a 1997 2l 2 engine i have now.


hi if you can read the code you can know all about the glow plug, but i don't think the 2l has been mounted on a 24v chassis...
I gave you some ideas in your other thread. Usually it's best just to make one thread about a given subject.

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