glow or no glow cont..

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Mar 11, 2009
North Shore, British Columbia, Canada.
thanks goes out to BJ44V and lostmarbles for helping under the 80 series section already...

Do the glow plugs needs to match the engine or the vehicle electrical system???

I swapped my '78 BJ40's old tired "B" engine with a "3B" engine from a '84 BJ60. My concern is the system in the '78 40 series appears to be fixed delayed system & I think the engine came from a vehicle with a super glow (not sure though)
When I checked the glow plugs from the donor engine with the original plugs in the old B engine they had different voltage, I am confused weather to stick with the plugs from the 3B or match the plugs that were in the old B.

Any advice is apprciated so I can get this done & crack a beer!:beer:
Oops. I think I may be responsible for sending you down the wrong path before. - Sorry.

Your glow plugs should match the wiring of the vehicle rather than matching the transplanted engine if you have a "glow controller" like this fitted in the dash:


But I don't understand why you say you have a "fixed delay" on your BJ40. I thought that it would be a "full-manual system" (like mine) where you control the glow period yourself by turning your key backwards prior to starting.

And I suspect that button on your dash simply allows you to apply further glow once your engine has started to "smooth out" any rough idling in cold weather. (I don't have this feature -- but then I don't need it either because it is not cold enough here.) ... And again YOU control this glow period by how long you keep the button pressed.

A 12V BJ40 with the type of glow controller pictured above would need to run 8.5V plugs.

this is starting to make sense, thanks for your help, even you lostmarbles! I do not think I have the ability to turn the key backwards, I only have the switch on the dash and the little round window screen. thats it. So it sounds like I need to match the glow plugs with the same voltage from the original B engine..

Jeez, I never thought an angine swap would be so complicated! I thought after installing new motor mounts, clutch, fule pump, remachining the flywheel it would be clear sailing.:bang:
Next it will be the EDIC and accelerator cable issue!

thanks dudes!:)

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