Ghetto rocks lights done on the cheap and lazy!

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Jun 25, 2006
Toostoned AZ
:lol: Yeah thats right this is my latest greatest ghetto mod! Battery powered LED's from homedepot
Get em here for $5.99 30 dollars total (lights and velcro) 3 minute install. I also found waterproof ones OSRAM SYLVANIA DOT-IT H2O White Waterproof LED light -

I may soon purchase two more for the rock rail areas. This is just for temporary, but they they could last.... I'm just not sure yet. IF I get real ones I can use these elsewhere.
THese are made to be taken off when not in use
INdustrial velcro was used with fuzzy side attached to the light it self so mud wont get caked in there when they aren't attached.
The location for the front is right behind the tow reciving hooks it tucks up perfecty to fit these..and out of harms way.

THIS IS A 10 SECOND timed exposure ...they are bright just not this bright


Note poor house to the right with graffiti on it, a blue tarp in shreds and warped 2x4 spanned across their carport? Welcome to the ghetto :lol: ...thats the reason we cant rent out our house!

Installed on stock bumper


Take these bad boy LED's right here flop some industrial velcro...fuzzy side on these

Fuzzy side

4 total for those that cant count hahah!

Thats it and they work:! Temporary only, I hope to get real ones some day.
These pics were taken with a timed exposure so it makes them look a bit brighter than they actually are but for sure you can get some good spotting at night with these installed
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Sweet! Yeah if you need additional pics of where I located the front ones let me know and I'll snap a pic. They work and no wires to mess with...GHETTO FAB like most the crap in my rig! :lol:
Since you can't see the lit-up area from the drivers seat, is my guess correct that you did it for the benefit of the spotter on those gnarly night runs?????
Dude! Those jokers are bright! I thought about those lights but figured I would spend my time making mine permanant, plus what if they fall off at night and leave a bread crumb trail and the bad guys find them and follow me? Seriously, I can't believe how bright they are! For 30 bux, wow..:cheers:
Yep for spotting at night.

This is a timed exposure (which I posted in the original install) they are bright but that captures all the light in the area enhancing them...if you can afford real ones go for it! I'd buy one just to check it out for yoruself to see how bright they can always use them in the engine bay or as a map light if they dont work out.

Here are waterproof ones
Is that a pine tree air freshener???
SUN FUSION pine trees, been there forever and haven't been refreshed, nice nose for detail there buckaroo bonzai!:lol: I consider them good luck charms now hahahahah'!

Here are more realistic ones with only 2 second timed exposure, I tried to match my true vision...perhaps just shade darker in real life.


I use a 'Dot It' as a ghetto map light. It works fine stuck on the passenger visor. It is easily 're-aimed' by moving the visor. I've been using it regularly for several months.

They also sell puck lights like these with rotating heads for more $$$, but that goes against the whole ghetto theme.
Awsome lights for the short bus, maybe you could upgrade to the clapper kind so you dont have to get out to turn them on.
you may as well check what the voltage is on those... maybe you can wire some in series to get 12v and run them off of the battery.

At $4 each, it is worth a try.
Yeah someone else said that too...I just suck at anything electrical hence this mod LOL!

Well I went through lots of water yesterday and drove with them attached for 50 miles off road or so baja style romping and they held. the one in the front has some water spots in the lense now argg! OOOPppps forgot to take them off. GET THE WATERPROOF ones I guess LOL!

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