Gforce chip

Dec 16, 2009
This is the research gathered over time and from those who have purchased one from the many forums out there and eBay groups.

First your rig must be OBD II (95-97 or newer).
The chip is not a rear chip so to speak. It is a resistor you could get from most any electronic store.
The resistor fools the temp sensor to think its got hotter air thus the ECU adjust the air/fuel values.

The resistor is plugged into the temp sensor in the air intake tube plug wires. You make a U out of the ends and plug it in. This works in mild temp areas best since at outside temps of 84*+ the temp inside the tube is the same as the temp sensor signal. Basically the resistor fools the ECU via the air/fuel mixture adjustment.

There massive instruction sheet shows how to bend the resistor in a U.
Unplug the temp sensor.
It tells you to zip tie the wire and resistor out of the way oh and wrap it in electrical tape to water proof it.
Best of all 1 sheet of paper 8.5x11 with the resistor taped to the sheet is the packaging in a standard letter envelope and stamp.

Best of luck getting much of what it claims on the claims it shows on the ads. But hey $69.99 most people will risk that on a hope for results but wont tell anyone they got taken on a scam for that amount.
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