Getting to 1996 Suburban Fuel Pump

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Nov 9, 2006
Wichita, KS.
Hey all, I have a chance to make a (possibly) quick $300 while I am still in school switching out a friends fuel pump on his 2 wheel drive, if that makes a difference, 1996 Suburban. I wanted to ask here before I ventured into the mayhem of other vehicle tech forums. :)

So... Is the fuel tank/ pump able to be reached through a hatch in the rear cargo area like most SUV's, or do I need to drop the tank? I've done fuel pumps before and much prefer the hatch vs. dropping tank method. :). Thanks all, Michael.
I have a 1998 Suburban with the 6.5T diesel. The lift pump is on the frame rail under the drivers seat, and the injector pump is under the engine cover, between the cylinder banks.

What engine is in your friends 'burb?
Oh gasser. Probably 350 or a vortec or something. Thank you though sir. :)
Nobody?! Shock! :)
I did it twice on my old 97 Sub 4x4. 350. Long time ago now so my memory is vague at best. I just know to make sure you didn't just fill the tank with gas. Draining 30 gallons of gas out before you can even start is a pain.

Not sure if there is another way, but I didn't think so on those. I dropped the tank. Be careful with the delicate pieces of the sending unit assembly when you drop it down. I very slightly cracked a flange/nipple/whatever when the tank shifted and crimped the line. Put everything back together and couldn't figure out why it still ran like crap. Finally gave up and dropped the tank again and found the leak.

Overall not a very technical repair, but a bulky/heavy thing to handle from below. I used a floor jack if I remember to lower and raise the tank into place. Good luck.
Thank you sir. :)
The 96 has a 42 gallon tank and you have two options.
1) pull the tank, in which you'll have to disconnect all the hoses, filler, etc etc, and try not to drop the tank on yourself and then hope the new sending unit is good and the gauge reads correctly.
2) cut a hole in the floor right above the sending unit. Try not to blow yourself up in the process. Ive done it both ways. Its almost as much work to take off all the trim and get the carpet out of the way as it is to take the tank out.

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