getting the sticker off

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Jan 19, 2003
I picked up a pretty nice horn button for my '68 at
SOR last month. The problem is that they put their
sticker right on top of the clear covering on the horn
button. This part of the button is clear plastic and I
don't want to scratch it with a razor blade or kill it with
a chemical.

So..... How do I get it off?
Zippo lighter fluid, WD40, charcoal lighter. All should remove the adhesive, and none should harm the plastic.

rubbing alcohol works pretty good too.
for polishing, the Maguire clear plastic stuff works wonders
Wow. Lot's of good ideas. I may start with the baby oil and
work my way towards the more caustic stuff. Thanks folks.
goo gone is fine fir plastics, hot soapy water and a rag also
WD-40has many usefull qualities. Never tried it on stickers, but it does wonders on gum. Many years ago, when my daughter was little, she went to bed with gum in her mouth and woke up with it in her hair, down next to her scalp. My wife tried a lot of things on it, did not work. I suggested WD-40, she tried it and the gum disolved immediately, so try it on the sticker.
another vote for lighter fluid, I worked in a picture framing shop for several years, and we used it on photos that had tape residue and such on them, right on the photo surface, and it didn't damage them, as long as it wasn't on for too long, so I am reasonably sure that a horn button won't be affected by it, if the lighter fluid has no effect, use methyl hydrate (gas line de-icer/fondue fuel) it will dissolve the adhesives that lighter fluid won't, and is just as harmless. everything seems to be soluble to one or the other. just don't keep it wet for too long.
Lighter fluid. Thanks again all.
horn button.jpg
Here are the horn assembly parts from SOR. Debugging
this vintage of horn is kind-of weird. I have accumulated
all of the parts NOS except for #4 which is unobtainium.

Still don't have it together though. There is a great
writeup on the web somewhere and some good stuff
here on MUD. Try searching. Mark at Mark's Off
Road is working on a replacement for #4 I think.
#4 is a hard rubber bushing; it should be possible to cut down a grommet to that size. In my button, it is partly rubbed off from use and brittle from the desert. But there needs to be insulation between #3 and #5, otherwise the horn will self-honk. In my case that happened at inopportune moments on the trail and scared the others :D. I placed a flat ring cut out of a milk bottle between #4 and #5, that and screwing things on tight has helped against the accidental honking.
Here is the link to coolerman's web site which
shows his rehab of the steering setup and horn.

My horn used to "accidentally honk". Now it does
not honk at all. You guys are correct that #4 can be
made from a thin piece of flat, soft plastic. It used
to work on my cruiser.

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