Getting the engine in the 4runner

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Apr 24, 2008
Conway, SC
Finally getting around to getting the 87 engine into the 85 4runner. I've been at my brother's house till 11 Mon and wed night. We finally got it out of the truck and are working on switching out the fuel rail and efi stuff since the wiring harnesses are different. We tried a neat trick to get the pilot bearing off the new motor. We stuffed wet paper inside and popped it out with a 8mm socket on a nut driver. Thanks Youtube video:) Luckily we were able to salvage the seals off the fuel injectors since the old ones were bad:( Well, hopefully we'll get it back in on Saturday without any big problems. Also found out the 4runner has headers!
Cool trick on the pilot bearing. I still think using bread is the most amazing trick ever. My eyes popped out when the bread pushed the bearing out of my motor.

Good luck with the swap, they can be fun.

Good luck with the swap. I'm going to be pulling the 4.3 out of your old pickup this weekend too and I hope to body shop is ready to paint my brother's 4Runner speedway blue.

If you were closer I'd offer up some help.
We got the engine finally put in at about 3:30 after a few trips to town for some fluids and some impact sockets. Didn't make too many mistakes:) Had to pull the engine back out to swap out the plate that goes between the engine and the transmission so that we could get to the bolts for the torque converter. Other than that it went pretty good! Thanks to my brother for all the hard work. Thanks also to Tim and Jamie at Sparks for getting me the gaskets. It runs pretty good. I guess we'll see how good on the way to GSMTR!!! What a way to try out an engine!
I was hoping it was going to be ready for it around town a little first!!
That's great, I wish my 4Runner was running for a trail ride.

Remember that turbo'd 4Runner I was telling about. The guy still has it and is only asking $885 now, it would have been perfect to swap into your 85.

Have a good time..

Yeah you're right but I had a friend I'd wheel with back in Az that had a 87 turbo pickup. He had to replace the factory turbo and put bigger garett turbo on it, which made it a sleeper on the street. He could smoke stock Mustang GT's for about a 1/8 a mile and it worked great in the dunes.

Do you what year that 4.3 was you had in your old pickup?
Wow! Really ! That is crazy! I think it is a 93. Good luck with the swap. I'm sorry I never got the numbers off that alternator and tracked down how many amps it is. I'll try to do that if you still want it. Just let me know. Later!
So, to bring up an old thread if anyone out there may be listening... USMCracing, :), what all would I need to make it easy to add a Turbo ( OEM or Garrett/Aftermarket. I know it is feasible, but I'm looking at doing it as cheaply as possible and with the least amount of effort! I know I can't have it all, but I get by with a lot of help from my friends!!! Thanks, guys!!!:clown::cheers:
Scott, give @fourtrax a shout regarding the 22RET vs. the 22RE. I mentioned the turbo to Garrett a few months ago, for use on his 22RE, and it seems that a retrofit won't be a very simple task.
i believe the prior discussion was about interchangeability of parts between a 22RE and a 22RET. there are physical differences in the internals. but if you have a 22re and you just want to add an aftermarket turbo, that's doable. there are a few things you should do to prolong you engine life but, you can bolt one on.

Pro Turbo Kit Low Boost 22RE Non Turbo Block
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